Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Living A Doll's Life Q&A

It's Q&A time again!
LADL will be turning three in September and will have fun birthday surprises! Before then, LADL is taking reader questions from both USA and international readers! 

Leave your doll related questions below in the comments section. Or email your question to:

Look for an answers post (possible video), surprise announcements + giveaways.


  1. 1. Who is the next doll that you plan on getting?
    2. What are your opinions of what we currently know about GOTY 2016?
    3. Favorite doll that you don't have?
    4. Favorite AG book series?
    5. Favorite BeForever character (not historical doll collection) and why?
    6. What would your dream doll be like?
    7. If you could choose one time period for AG to pursue for a new BeForever character, what would it be?

    I hope this isn't too many! :)


  2. Congratulations. Did You start when The Houston American Girl Doll Store open. They too will be 3 years old in September. I hope they have a Anniversary Party and invite you. We want to meet You.

  3. What do you think the importance of doll play is in this age where kids seem glued to technology?

    What products and dolls would you like AG to create?

    What book heroines would make great dolls and what would you include in their collection? Madelon

  4. How many dolls have you had but gotten rid of? What were their names?

  5. 1. If you could sit and talk with Pleasant Rowland what 3 questions would you ask her?

    2. For the new AA doll supposedly coming in 2016, what story theme would you want her to have if she is going to be affiliated with the roaring 20s?
    3. If you could change the ending to any AG character in their final story book, which character would you select and what would you change?

  6. I hope this doesn't put you on the spot, but what is your least favorite doll and why?

  7. 1. What is your favorite doll.

    2. If you could create a girl of the year, what would her name be? What would she look like? What would be her story?

    3. If you could create a beforever doll, what would her name be? What would she look like? What would be her story.

    4. What is the best or most exciting thing that happened on your blog?

    5. You know the song on your YouTube video? The one where someone is singing "Livin' a dolls life! You know everything's working alright!". Where did you get it at? Did you make it? I love the song! It's so cute!

  8. Okay, I don't know if someone already asked this question on LADL in the past years...

    1. How did you learn how to sew doll's clothes and what is a good book that you would recommend for girls that are beginners, but would still like to make beautiful dresses for their dolls? I ask this because I love the dress that you have on Nellie in the above picture.
    2. Did you sew the dress that Nellie is wearing in the picture for Q&A where she is in front of the computer and if so where did you find the material to make this pretty dress?

  9. What are your favorite 2 dolls, as of now, and why.
    Which collection do you feel is the most fun?
    Did GOTY Mia and her bed interest you when it came out? Did you get them?
    Do you ever make stop motion videos or stories?
    What do you do to continue your enthusiasm when your energy lags?
    Does your husband ever say "another doll?" Or "more doll stuff?"?