Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Help For Doll Repairs - Custom and Boy Dolls

If you have custom American Girl dolls or boy dolls, you may already know that they will not be admitted into the AG Hospital.

From time to time your doll may need to have limbs tightened, require hair care for dried and tangled tresses or need a deep cleaning. I have found a great resource for you! 


Understand each doll is unique and requires individual attention, individual results may vary and you should not expect brand new dolls in return. Every effort will go into restoring your doll.

* Please note that doll owners are responsible for all shipping costs. Services can be paid for by personal check sent with your doll or via pay pal, by adding 5% to cover fees Services are as follows:

  • hair style
  • hair wash, conditioning & style
  • hair wash and heat conditioning for frizzy hair
  • hair wash & deep conditioning for dry hair
  • hair wash and ultimate conditioning   
  • freckling
  • restringing 
  • new stuffing
  • stain removal from vinyl 
  • hand wash and air dry of cloth body 
  • odor removal
  • replace neck string
  • wig removal
  • wig attachments
  • wig removal and reattachment


  1. What a neat thing! All my girls are less than two years old (since time of purchase) and in nearly new condition, but I will keep this in mind. With a cat in the house, one never knows what will become of dolls on display. Ahem! :)

  2. Thank you so much. I have a custom Ag doll. my doll need this

  3. This may be the place for Melody. She needs restringing and is of the age where I think the joints were different.