Tuesday, June 30, 2015

*REVIEW* Grace's Baking Set

 Amy has a review for us today!

I scored the Grace baking set for my daughter at half price!  Also used a ten dollar off to get it, the Grace DVD and the soundtrack!

The Grace baking set is a wonderful addition even if you don't own Grace.  The collection comes with 14 pieces.  All of the pieces are made of plastic except the cookbook and the almond flour box which are a stiff paper.  The digital cooking sheets are made of plastic so they won't get destroyed trying to switch out the images in the tablet cookbook. 

The pièce de résistance is of course the artisan mixer.  It actually works using two AAA batteries.  It has two mixers that are easy to switch out.  The mixing bowl sits on the mixer and the artisan mixer lifts up to make it easy to remove.  

The sifter also operates.  The tiny handle is easy to turn.  The sifter doesn't actually sift though.

The mixing cups, wooden spoon, almond flour and pastry blender are all doll size and are just so cute!

The digital tablet comes with 3 screens so that the recipes can be changed on the screen.  It is a little tricky to slide them in but the sheets are a durable plastic so they won't be damaged.  The paper cookbook has some great French pastry recipes in it.  The recipes are real so can be used to make some treats!

The spoon is actually wooden.  I originally thought it was plastic, but I am pretty sure it is wood.

The digital cookbook/tablet also comes with a tiny stylus! A Doll sized stylus - how cute! I had planned on purchasing this set, but to get it at 50% off was great.  We will need to add some pieces so that can enjoy the treats too.  That is the only thing missing!

This is the Grace spatula.  It is super cute!  We missed out on the class for June, but are signed up for the August class!  I am hoping we get the same goodie bag!  It has the Grace book and a baking pan in it!


  1. As much as I love the mixer, it's the sifter that really chokes me up. It's hard not buying that set!

  2. That looks like a great set. Hope it goes on sale again! Madelon

  3. I should open my set. I have other baking sets I've aquire this year or if I stumbled on a sale. Sophie's has a nice set. Guess I could blog about my cool items too. I'll try to blog. I can't promise, but will try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I was planning to purchase this set when we go to the Twin Cities this August. However, I jumped at the chance to get it for half price and got one with the daily deal. Amy's review is spot on, this is a great set with lots of play value. I'm very happy with it.