Monday, June 15, 2015

*REVIEW* Grace Stirs Up Success Movie

Grace Stirs Up Success is premiering June 18 - 21 in select theaters.

  Madelon has a movie review for us.
I watched Grace’s movie last Thursday June 11. It was more of a comedy than Isabelle and Saige’s movies were. Although it was enjoyable, as an adult I could have had fewer slapstick moments. They should appeal to the younger crowd.
 The movie had many themes-family, friendship, financial hardship, etc.
   I loved the Uncle’s Patisserie in Paris. That would be fun to recreate! And Grace’s dessert in the Master Chef Jr. contest.
  Looking forward to watching it again.

Brianna also has a review of Grace's new movie. 
Read it here on Dolls Between Us. 


  1. WOW! sounds like it is a good movie, i like that AG went for more of a comedy side, than a "Friendship hardship" thing. I cannot wait to see it!!

  2. How and where did they watch it?

  3. I watched it from a digital download on itunes. Madelon

  4. and WOW AG is putting the Grace movie in select Theatres??? they haven't done that since the Kit Movie!!!