Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DIY Pot Belly Stove - Week 3

In Mrs Ford's Dress there is a Pot Belly stove very similar to the one we are making today.


  • Round paper mache box 4" x 4" 
  • Foil roll tube 
  • Flat black paint 
  • Bottle caps or wood feet 
  • Drill - adult supervision  
  • Battery tea light

  1. Mark 6 - 9 spots where you want holes in the belly of the stove. 
  2. Have an adult drill the markings to make small holes in the middle of the base in front.  
  3. Paint the entire box with black paint. 
  4. Cut cardboard tube to size for your doll's space. You can trim a 2" piece off the tube for an elbow if you choose. 
  5. Paint the tube black. 
  6. Hot glue the feet on the bottom of the base; paint black. 
  7. Hot glue the tube to the top of the lid, in the middle near the back. 
  8. Set the tea light inside then place your lid on top.
  9. Cut circles using foam sheet to act as burners.


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