Friday, June 26, 2015

*REVIEW* GOTY Deluxe Birthday Package - AG Bistro

Diana has a review of the Grace Birthday Party Package for us.

AG Grace Deluxe Birthday Goody bag is part of the Girl of the Year Deluxe Birthday Package which is provided when booking the birthday party at the AG Bistro.  The Grace Goody bag includes:  Heart shape red balloon, light blue knit shirt with printed picture of Bonbon next to the Eiffel Tower, cupcake, stickers and treats booklet.  It all comes in the red box shaped like a French Pastry shop. Here Grace models the knitted top with part of her City outfit.  She also wears the new Taxi Driver cap, as part of the Truly Me summer release.

Closer look at the stickers and Little Treats Booklet, these were also available as part of the Grace's other give-aways.

Close up of knitted top, it really is not a t-shirt. It is adorable.

Grace loves her goody bag and with her new look she ready to visit Paris again.


  1. Love and want this! Madelon

  2. I was thinking the same, Madelon. I hope this set goes on sale at the end of the year (as past 'only in store' exclusives have).


  3. I hope so, too. Madelo

  4. I really like that shirt, it's super adorable.