Saturday, June 20, 2015

Make Feed Sacks - Week 3

General Stores sold large supplies of flour, salt, sugar and lard for customers, typically sold in 5 lb bags. The cloth or burlap bags would have various designs on them. You can use these feed sacks with your historical doll's collection, but for this project it would best suit Kirsten, Addy, Felicity, Samantha or Kit.
*This project requires using an iron and sewing.*

  • Cotton, burlap or muslin fabric
  • Transfer paper
  • Color ink printer
  • Iron
  • Raffia
  1. Cut 12" x 8" rectangles from fabric
  2. Print the images reversed BACKWARDS
  3. Follow the instructions on the transfer paper and apply them to your fabric pieces
  4. After you have ironed the images onto fabric, turn the images side down and sew the bags together, leaving an opening on top.
  5. Turn the bag right side out and begin stuffing (you can use rice, craft peanuts, polyfil, paper scraps, etc)
  6. Using a piece a raffia, tie the bags closed on top.


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  1. You can - optionally - skip the step with the transfer paper and print the images unreversed directly onto the fabric. There is specific printer fabric, but you can also use a regular sheet of fabric and affix a self-adhesive label sheet on the back to give it support. Then you can run it through the printer like any regular sheet of paper, and pull off the label sheet afterwards.