Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Where's Willow? Hawaii (Day Two)

I was up bright and early! I think I am still on my Texas time! I was real quiet until I knew everyone was up. Auntie made waffles with macadamia nuts and lilikoi syrup. Yum. Lilikoi is the same thing as passion fruit and it is so Ono (that means delicious in Hawaiian). I am learning so much here on this island.  

Alex invited one of her girlfriends over to play. That was so cool to meet a Hawaiian girl. Her name is Luana. She is really fun too. She was born in Hawaii and looks so different than Alex and me. Hawaii has so many different girls and boys. And I like everybody so far.

 I learned the name of the state fish: humuhumunukunukuapuaa. And I can really say it too.

This is Derby the family poi dog! He is curious, but keeps his distance. 

Auntie and uncle have many books to read about Hawaii. I am learning so much about everything here. I know the names of places and what the different names of the fishes are. Very cool. Uncle says we may go fishing tomorrow. I hope so. Luana is staying the night with us and she gets to go on our trip to Hilo tomorrow. Oh boy! I am so excited to be with friends in Hawaii. 

 Wow! Hawaii had a big rain storm. We had 6-inches of rain all at once, I guess that is why they call it a rain forest! The rain was really loud falling on the metal roof. Oh no! We wanted to go to the beach today and play in the sand. 

We stayed inside because Auntie said that would be best. We watched "Sponge Bob" and played Candyland. Auntie made popcorn. Auntie got the idea we should make hula skirts. Hula is Hawaiian dance. I can't wait to learn more about that. We cut the fabric and threaded the needle. And like magic, Auntie showed us how to make our hula skirts! We danced all afternoon to the sound of the rain drops on the roof. I love Hawaii and my new friends. I miss my family in Texas too! There are so many neat places in the world. I am a lucky girl to be invited to see them.

Love love love my hula skirt! I miss my mom, but all the hugging makes me feel happy and very loved. Aloha.


  1. Love Willow's outfits! She looks like she's having a lot of fun in Hawaii :)

    1. Isn't it all so cute??? Thanks :-)

  2. I was born and raised on Oahu, spending my childhood summers on Maui, and now have family on the island of Hawaii, and this just bringsme right back home. Have a beautiful time in Hawaii Nei willow!

  3. You look very cute in you pink swimsuit and hat, Willow! Don't forget your sunscreen when you go to the beach.

  4. Have a great time Willow and don't forget to thank your host family!

  5. How fun, you look so cute in your hula outfit! Enjoy your trip.

  6. She's starting to look like a native! have fun, Willow!

  7. Willow and the girls were a delight! The week together was really fun, we all enjoyed each other. Aloha. Auntie