Wednesday, May 20, 2015

BeForever Maryellen's Collection

Great photo find by Chrissa and her mom! This is a vintage photo of what looks very much like Maryellen's (meet) swing dress.

The doll will have side swept bangs like Grace.

A bike? A Dog? I'm so looking forward to her collection, I imagine circle skirt dresses, twin sets/cardigans, gloves and lots of hair accessories. I'm REALLY hoping for an entire bedroom set, (if the BF dolls are getting new beds). Maryellen may have a Jenny Lind bed. I have mixed feeling about a diner. (I don't have room) A soda fountain restaurant would have a lot of fun accessories. I'm sure as with Grace's collection, there will be separate food items and diner essentials sold. What about a vintage silver Airstream?

White Christmas? This album was recorded Jan 1957 and released the same year. I hope Elvis is a part of her story, how could he not be? He began touring 1956 after his first big single Heartbreak Hotel. (I'm a huge Elvis fan! My first concert in 1974 was seeing Elvis at the LA Forum). Maybe toward the end of her story she becomes an Elvis fan (I hope).

Chances are GREATER her favorite movie is White Christmas (released Oct 1954) and her favorite singers are Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. Which would explain this RUMORED dress for her.

What are you hoping to see within her collection?


  1. Oh my gosh, this is all too cute! I love her....I REALLY think I need her, even though I just got another red head doll.......and Grace......ok maybe I don't need her.

  2. Doesn't she look deserving of the Jesfina mold? The classic mold in the leaked doll images from last summer aren't really the esscence of her....I think she would look more like her with the josefina mold.
    Ok that was repetitive.

  3. What a great find! This dress indeed looks a lot like her meet dress!

    1. Thanks! Chrissa Marie and I were REALLY excited when we found it! We were looking up fashions for 1954, and it seems that sleeveless dresses weren't really the norm for younger girls. There were some for the teenagers though, like these....! :) Maybe AG is going with the older fashions?....Hope this means there'll be a poodle skirt! :)

  4. Thank you sooooo much, Rhonda, for posting the vintage photo my mom and I sent you! We're very excited and happy to see it on your AMAZING website!! :)

    Thanks also for always keeping us updated on everything in the doll world!!

  5. Those dresses are swell! Madelon

  6. Love that vintage dress photo. And the red outfit on your link reminds me of the red circle skirt and buttoned jacket my grandma sewed for my mom for the opening of their skating rink in a small town in Colorado. I still have several of my mom's dresses from the 50' and they are so cool. Her waist was teeny tiny, and even my thin daughter barely fit in one for a musical a few years ago!

  7. That book cover images looks as if she is in a parade. Maybe she will win some sort of contest/pageant/show or will be asked to be a special guest and will receive a reserved spot on a float? Is it the Fourth of July? Is it a parade for a space shuttle launch? Curiouser and curiouser.....

  8. I'm very excited about Maryellen and her collection. Not too sure if it is the lightings, her hair color , her bangs( side bangs) and even her eyes color looks different from the prototype leak photos that some of us saw last year. Guess AG make some modification after the leaks. Anyway I still like how she looks now.

  9. What I mean is we can never trust lesk photos 😉

  10. I am still holding out for something related to Elvis! It is possible because Elvis actually started recording in 53-54 (even though he really didn't hit it big until 1956) but I am still hopeful!

  11. A full bedroom set, maybe like Mia's or the wardrobe one, would be great. The only AG bed we have is the dreamy daybed. AG has made some great combos.

  12. Also a HUGE Elvis fan here. My mom introduced me to him when I was really little.One of the local UHF channels would play Elvis movies on Saturday afternoons. I love them all (though the earlier ones are much better than the late ones). Anyway, That's All Right was released in 1954, so she and her older sisters could introduce Elvis to their Frank Sinatra fan parents. That would be a hoot!

    White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie! I would love for there to be a tie in there!

    Okay, so I don't trust any of the leaked photos or footage.Because I don't want to get my heart set on one thing and have it switched. I do hope her hair is redder than that shown on the books. PLUS before we know it her release date will be here and the year will be over. Right now I want to focus on Memorial Day and enjoying spring and summer before we get to August and fall. LOL