Monday, May 11, 2015

*Review* Amelia's Victorian Tea Set

Made from bright white porcelain, this lovely tea set is painted with birds, hearts and flowers. Gold trimmed, the set includes a tray, tea pot with lid, sugar bowl with lid and creamer bowl plus two tea cups and saucers. 10 pieces in total.
 This is an online UK exclusive.

I purchased my set a while ago from Amazon. has a few in stock!

In Amelia's story she and Aunt Cora are painting tea sets, Amelia is doing her best working with a small brush to paint Miss Lovington perched on a heart with snowdrops.

When the tea set arrives, it comes beautifully packaged inside a sturdy, navy blue cardboard box. 

When you lift the tray, the tea set is revealed underneath placed inside cubbies atop a bed of white satin fabric.

Dainty and gorgeous!!!! 
This set is everything you want it to be. The gold trim gives it a rich feel and the pattern is perfectly Victorian, complete with a bird and botanical pattern. Of course you can use this set with any 16" - 18" doll and I can't wait to display it in Amelia's room. I'm so glad to own this set, I love tea sets and this one is a well made collectible.

HURRY! Get yours now! 

This set works with 18" dolls too.


  1. That is a lovely tea set. Thank you for the review.

    Hey, did your header change? It seems like the family has grown.

    1. Yes. The header changed in January :

    2. I remember that. Even asked about it then. Today it just seems like there are more family members. LOL