Tuesday, May 12, 2015

*In Store Report* Kitchen Pots & Pans - Dollar Tree

Every doll kitchen needs cooking supplies. I buy my plastic pots, pans and utensils at the Dollar Tree. 

Recently they began selling sets in red - these remind me of Rachael Ray.

Enamel non stick cookware with stainless steel lids are great for modern kitchens.

Aluminum pans go great in vintage retro kitchens.

You can see they are perfect size for Molly's hands and stove top.

Julie and Ivy have their own set as well. Look at that butcher knife! Yikes!! 

I gave Addy the iron set, its sturdy and historically accurate.

I think I spent a total of $8.00 to supply all three kitchens.


  1. Great find. I'll have to check my Dollar Tree out for some pots and pans!

  2. I see a trip to Dollar Tree in my future. Ours never has the cool stuff though.

    That knife!

  3. Love your kitchen sets. Does Dollar Tree have Barbie size accessories?? Thanks - mary

    1. Thanks Mary, no I have never seen Barbie sized kitchen things at Dollar stores. You can try eBay...my local Savers usually has baggies filled with Barbie misc. items. Good luck...

      Have a look at my vintage mod Barbies on my mini blog: http://snickerdoodlestreet.blogspot.com/search/label/Vintage%20Barbie