Monday, May 18, 2015

A Visit with Valerie Tripp - Bethesda Literary Festival

A few weeks ago, Madelon had a chat with Valerie Tripp at the Bethesda Literary Festival. 

"Of course, she was not allowed to discuss Maryellen as it would violate her contract."

 "With Kit's birthday coming up, it is a fine time to thank Ms Tripp!
 She combines the moral issues of the historical periods into the lives of her strong and determined characters."

"She showed her audience how she had a newspaper Halloween skirt and how Molly had one, too. She explained her writing process. She truly cares what her audience would like to read! She asked the girls questions when they came to get her autograph."

"She did role playing of how certain historical characters (dolls) would act."



  1. Wait, so is Valarie also writing for Maryellen? I did not know that, but I'm happy because that means the books will be good.

    1. Here a previous post: