Wednesday, April 29, 2015

*Review* Victorian Drop Waist Coat - Hobby Lobby

I have had my eye on this drop waist coat and hat set from Hobby Lobby for quite some time. It's polyester, but the silhouette is adorable. Since Hobby Lobby is changing up their 18" doll clothing, I went back to get this outfit before it was gone. 

$7.99 - I used a 40% coupon.

It's not lined so you may have to trim a few frays. I steamed both the coat and the hat to remove the wrinkles.

It DOES have Velcro and white plastic buttons on the placate. The sleeves have fabric bands at the elbow. I love the ruffled hem detail.

 The hat is very similar to Rebecca's Meet hat, only it is floppy and very easy to place and stay on the head.

The shoes are from HL too. 

I am surprised at just how much I love this outfit! It's perfect on Rebecca and a nice change from purple. I guess if you wanted, you could upgrade the white plastic button with fabric covered or metal buttons.


  1. The coat and hat set looks adorable on Rebecca! What a great find and a great bargain too!!!

  2. I really like how this looks on Rebecca! I have a Hobby Lobby about 45 minutes away, but I have never been. Need to make the trip. Madelon

  3. Rebecca looks adorable!

    - Ellie

  4. How well did the Hobby Lobby shoes fit on AG feet?