Friday, April 10, 2015

*Review* Matilda's Secret & Matilda's Keepsakes and Secrets

Matilda's Secret (2010) is 180 pages by Sandra Goldbacher. The book is written in first person, in a journal format by Matilda! 

 It's full of history and a quick read because you can't put it down. I don't think this book is for target age 7+ at all! It's definitely a book for teens 13+ based on the subject matter which includes sixteenth century practices such as torture and guillotines.

 Thirteen-year-old (fictional Matilda) is cousin to Katherine Howard. Matilda has wealthy family members, but her immediate family is poor. Her parents send her to court after Katherine's uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, offers them financial assistance. Matilda is quick and able to hold her tongue which is why she is sent to help increase cousin Katherine's chances at possibly marrying the King, Henry VIII.

Matilda and Katherine become fast friends even though the other girls dislike her. Matilda thinks Katherine is very fashionable and she soon gives Matilda beautiful clothes to wear. We learn that Katherine is in love with someone other than the King, but once chosen as Henry's wife she is quickly distracted by the jewels and gorgeous gowns. Matilda is worried that the King will find out
about Katherine's secret love for Thomas, putting them all in danger.

"The King is ill after all the Christmas feasting. His face is turning black as his leg ulcer is infected. His doctors have to drain the pus and poisons continually. He stinks. It takes four men to heave him into bed at night now. Poor Katherine." - Matilda's Secret

What I really love is that Matilda's trunk is passed down through the generations to each first born girl in the family.

Matilda's Keepsakes and Secrets is an 88-page spiral bound hardcover book. It has several activities inside including answer and question fill-in pages and notes for personal secrets.

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  1. Are the books good? How would you rate them?

  2. I am currently reading Matilda. If you are watching "Wolf Hall" on PBS you will especially enjoy the book. It is written as a diary. I have a 10 y.o. and I feel this book is best for 7-8th grade and up based on the content.

  3. These books look amazing--so very detailed! I bet they would make a great educational resources....

  4. I love the artwork in these!

  5. They certainly do a good job researching the history of their dolls and the book sounds very interesting. Mathilda is on my wishlist, but then my wishlist is always getting longer... ;)