Wednesday, April 22, 2015

*Reader Photos* Molly's Surprise Birthday Party

 Kit and Ruthie were busy at work creating Molly's birthday celebration. Molly's dream birthday party was to have an English tea party, and the girls wanted to achieve just that. 

 "Ooh! This cake sure looks heavenly" Kit exclaimed, as she continued to stare at the beautiful cake.

 "As does this tea!" Ruthie added.

 "Oh no! I think Molly is coming-- hide!" Kit exclaimed, rather hurriedly.

 The girls quickly ducked behind the table that held all of the delicious items.

The girls had been right: Molly was walking in, along with her dog Benett. Molly had received Bennett earlier that day for her birthday.

 "Surprise!" Kit and Ruthie cried in unison.

 Molly was certainly surprised, and very happy with her beautiful party.

 The girls proceeded to the party-- accompanied by Bennett, of course.

Molly really did think that this was a party fit for a princess

Happy Birthday, Molly! I hope all of the Molly's have a great day, and that you do, too. Thanks for reading!

- aginparadise