Tuesday, March 17, 2015

*Review* GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas La Patisserie

Shelly sends in this review of the la Patisserie.

I was so excited to be able to drive to the Atlanta store on Jan. 1st to pick up Grace Thomas' bakery. When we finally got to the store, I was told they didn't receive any to sell in the store that day. I was really disappointed, but they ordered it for me with free shipping. I did receive the bakery about a week later. I didn't realize just how big it was until I started unpacking it. It is a beautiful piece, very well made and the colors are so pretty. I love how the front opens up to give it a more realistic look. It has plastic windows on each front panel which open to reveal the menus inside. 


Inside is the big display case that holds all of the goodies that Grace's Bakery offers. Some of the goodies are macarons, strawberry bars, chocolate cake, french bread, and croissants. 

There is a walk up/pick up window on the side where you can get your baked goods to go. Near the window is a small fridge for the milk and eggs. 

There is a shelf in the back to hold the baking supplies and such. 

In the other corner is the stove and sink combo area. This is the only thing I'm disappointed about. The faucet sink piece wasn't made correctly to pop down into the counter top. It will just is there until you go to touch it then it falls out. 

I've called AG customer service four times now trying to get them to understand that it needs to be fixed. I've heard from a few other people that their faucet pieces don't fit in correctly either. Even in the stores the bakery displays have defective faucets. I'm hoping they get this resolved soon. 

I did get the pastry cart and bistro table to go with the bakery. I recommend all of it. Once you get it you won't believe how amazing it is.

 I also added the retired NOLA courtyard table and chairs set to it. The colors are just perfect.

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