Tuesday, March 3, 2015

*Review* Corolle Dolls

I asked Tunde to do a review on Corolle dolls. 

Since Corolle dolls are not sold in Hungary, I am lucky to have six different ones! Most of them I found at our local flea market, the others were sold on the Hungarian version of eBay.

Corolle is a French doll company and they make both soft and hard body dolls which have a vanilla scent. It doesn’t matter how old they are, this scent won’t go away, just fades through the years (it’s because the essence is in the vinyl).

My very first Corolle doll (I named her Sophie) is 16.5 inch tall and has a soft body, rooted hair and sleeping eyes. 

I love the wonderful colour of her hair, with matching eyelashes and
the unique cognac colour eyes!

 I think she can share clothes with Bitty twins (unfortunately I don’t have any), because some of the AG tees and skirts match perfectly, but the pants are too long. The only problem is finding her shoes, because these feet are smaller than AGs.

Here is a photo of GOTY Lanie, Sophie and Maya (aka Götz Hannah at the ballet). Pros: she is soft and huggable. Cons: she can’t stand alone, so it is difficult to pose her for photo stories.

Les Chéries are 13 inch tall vinyl dolls. The Corolle company names almost all of its doll lines beginning with C, so Les Chéries are called (from left to right): Chloé, Camille and Clara. 

Their hair is super soft and shiny. They also have sleeping eyes.



Chloé (she has blue eyes). Wonderful hair colour!

Nowadays Clara has long hair (my Clara is from 2003). I love her freckles!

Good news: they can share clothes with Hearts for Hearts girls and (hurray!) shoes, too! 

(On the other hand, Dell is not so lucky, because she is…hmm….a bit plump??)

This 14 inch doll is a real treasure for me, because it was made just for a few years (2001-2004). There were only two versions: brunette and blonde, both with blue eyes. I named her Fleur, but her real name was Océane.

 She also has soft vinyl body and sleeping eyes. And she has tons of hair! 

This baby is coming from the mini series. He has painted eyes and a soft body, specially made for babies. His feet and fists are super cute. 

He is a perfect little brother in the family.


  1. Rhonda,
    I am really enjoying the doll review posts. I am learning so much! This was a great idea!

  2. Adorable dolls! Camille and the tiny baby are especially cute. :)

    - Ellie

  3. Long live vanilla! Thank you for sharing!