Tuesday, March 24, 2015

*Opening* BeForever Samantha's Travel Coat, Hat and Bag

In that 20% bundle order, I purchased Sam's Travel Coat, Hat and the Travel Bag.


Gorgeous floppy brimmed straw hat, embellished with beautiful wide satin ribbon and matching pink flowers. This is my favorite shade of pink.

The unlined Travel Coat has a large shawl collar in the same satin to match the hat. Three plastic buttons, princess seams and slightly puffed sleeves.

The bag is well made but very f-l-a-t without stuff inside LOL! The faux leather vinyl handles match the Velcro flap closure.

Samantha looks so pretty in this outfit. The entire set!

I recommend these spring items for Samantha. As you can see they look great on Nellie and Rebecca too.

*Opening Video*


  1. I think the hat is super cute! If I had Samantha, I would have bought the outfit just for the hat!

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  3. Rebecca looks FANTASTIC!!!
    The hat is pretty cool. I'd been waiting for someone to take pictures of the travel bag to see it more closely - and it looks darling!

    - Ellie

  4. Perfect for Easter! I bought the green dress, but not the coat. Love the hat. Madelon

  5. I love the all the pink! The hat is my favorite and I love the coat! It's all soooo cute!

  6. The travel coat is too pink for me-- and I wish it was lined, but I do love the hat and travel bag. I wish the hat was sold with her hairstyling set. I will most likely purchase her travel bag soon. :)


  7. the travel coat needs to be longer and lined and the hat would be very easy to make.Graces coat is much better lined and style please ag stop using Velcro it is the worst thing ever used on doll clothes

  8. Isn't the travel bag supposed to come with a pair of white gloves? Was yours missing? I didn't see it in your photos or video.

    1. YES! I added a photo. They have elastic at the wrist.

  9. A great opening post! Thank you for sharing. The hat, coat, and bag are very nice and look lovely on the different dolls.

    I have to agree with the anonymous comment-er who lamented the Velcro. It's horrible! Catches on hair, material, etc. Sadly reminds me that AG's is lowering the age of it's target market for these dolls. However, it's not just their fault. Everywhere you look is Velcro - yes, it can be quick an easy, but are we losing our fine motor skills? Even adult shoes (Mary Jane style) are hard to find with a real buckle. Anyway, one of the things I really loved when I got started with AG were the real buttons, buckles, zippers, snaps, laces on the outfits and accessories. [Guess we have to chalk it up to reducing "choking hazard" liabilities.]

  10. WOW! That set looks great on Samantha! But I checked out the bag in person and I didn't like it. It seemed very flimsy to me; like it would fall apart very quickly. It was very unfortunate as it looked so beautiful online! Although, it could be because it was played with a lot in store.