Tuesday, February 24, 2015

*Review* OG Scooter


 I wanted a scooter for Grace and Ella - it so French!

The OG scooter is priced at $29.99

I chose this color over the purple.

The speedometer is set at 30.

The handle bars are tricky. The doll grips the black rubber handle.

The plastic piece helps hold the doll's hand in place.

The back has one large tire for stability, but no rear brake lights.

The single front tire makes it easy to steer.

The girls balanced with no problem of tipping over.

 It can be a bit difficult for the dolls to stay on the seat, the seat belt helps, but is in a weird place. AG currently doesn't have a scooter available. The OG scooter is bigger or wider I should say than the JG scooter

I wish it had working head lights, but maybe that's because of Julie's VW. I couldn't lift the seat to see the storage compartment underneath.

Here you can see how Grace's hand fits the handlebar.

It can be difficult to place both hands at the same time without the doll leaning forward too much, which will cause her to look down (for potholes?)

There's a metal rack on the back end for holding bags, flowers, luggage, etc.

This is definitely a one doll scooter.

All in all it is a cute photo prop, but it took several tries to make sure everything was positioned and not in danger of falling. I didn't even bother with the helmet as I will not be keeping this scooter.


  1. My daughter saw this a few weeks ago and was interested in having a scooter. Would you recommend the Journey Girls?

    1. From what I understand the JG scooter is more narrow/smaller. I haven't seen it in store yet.

  2. Replies
    1. OG beret, JG top, MLA skirt, Grace's shoes - Hodge podge of doll pieces!

  3. I have the OG scooter and I have been able to put two dolls on it with a little work, I'm an older doll collector so everything is a little work for me, I like the OG scooter.

  4. That's really cute! I love your custom Ella, what type of doll is she? Have you thought about making a custom Maddy? Have a good day!

    1. Thank you, no I have no plans to make a Maddy doll. Ella is My Life As...School Girl

  5. Cute scooter! Newberry (Sears Canada) offers a doll scooter, too. The scooters aren't as bright and colourful as the OG ones (it's simply white with a blue seat and front headlight), but it does have electronic sounds and lights, if you are looking for some more playability or realism. Doesn't come with a helmet, though.

  6. I have the OG scooter in off white/light pink. The colors seem to go very well with Grace's color scheme. Included helmet has a star on the side which looks very AG. It fits on the dolls nicely and is adorable :) The seat doesn't have a storage compartment underneath. It's a very small empty space, unfortunately.

  7. Aw, too bad it didn't work out for you! :( It is a cute piece, though. Grace looks ultra adorable on it. :)

    - Ellie

  8. This is one reason why I'm so picky when buying accessories for 18 in. dolls that aren't AG, they just aren't the same. AG used to have a scooter, but the doll stood up on that one. I have Lindsey's scooter, but it's not the best scooter I think AG's done.

  9. I love this product !!!!!! Yours Has Wonderful Colors. We have soft Pink on Pink. Love the Our Generation Products Line

  10. I bought three scooters a couple years ago knowing I'd have a house full of little ones over the holidays. Everyone loved playing with them (from Pooh to the cat - really . They have stood up to play well to . Figured you all would like to know that!

  11. I don't have a lot of accessories like this. it's really cute, but I don't see it being useful in the near future, so will pass for now.