Wednesday, February 25, 2015

*REVIEW* 18" Cloth Body Jesmar Doll

Linda has a review of her Jesmar doll, Gracie.

"Although Gracie looks taller than Nikki (our American Girl doll).  I measured her and they are the same size in height."

"Gracie's hand on the left (nails painted by my daughter),  Nikki's hand on the right." 

"She is about 20 something years old.  She has rooted hair and it feels very silky and soft like some of the American Girl dolls."

"Gracie's foot on left, Nikki's on right."

"Both dolls have an eleven inch waist although Gracie's can be squeezed to seven inches because she is stuffed with softer stuffing."

"Gracie cannot stand by herself. Part of her arms and legs are cloth."

Gracie can not wear sleeveless style clothing because of her cloth upper arms. 

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