Friday, February 27, 2015

*REVIEW* Maru and Friends

Maru and Friends 20" dolls have faces sculpted by master artist, Dianna Effner. Each doll comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I was contacted by Maru and Friends to give an honest review. Sweet Maru is living in America now, due to political discord in her country. Lucky for her she now lives with her aunt and uncle. Her hard cover book Forever Friends is written by Maritza Guiterrez, creator of Maru and Friends. Illustrated by Rhiannon Cunag. She is a Latina girl learning a new language and making new friends in America.

Her brown acrylic eyes do not close, but are framed in long curly black lashes. She has feathered brows and subtle blushing on her cheeks. Her skin is a medium beige tone.

Maru's dark hair is gorgeous, a long straight 
wig with bangs. 

She has many pieces to her "meet outfit".

Included in her meet outfit: orange knit long sleeve top, striped vest, brown corduroy pleated skirt, caramel colored tights, beige leather-like boots that velcro at the inner leg, orange knit scarf and floppy hat. She also has an added accessory, a leather-like purse.

I was surprised to find that her clothing has snap closures - very impressive.

She is all vinyl with long, lean limbs. Her face is petite and her head pivots for photographing at multiple angles. Her arms rotate 360 and can hold a pose well, she is quite sturdy and very weighted so she can stand well on her own.

I love the uniqueness of her fingers, they're positioned so you can see the different lengths of each one.

Designed and sculpted to be childlike, Maru has a very sweet face. Sculpted by a designer who often works with porcelain yet made entirely of vinyl, Maru represents the best of both. She is as smooth as porcelain AND durable and sturdy. I am impressed with the quality, concept and uniqueness of this line of dolls. 
Each doll is $120.

All opinions are my own, I am not paid to endorse products.
*Video Review*


  1. I love the color combination of her outfit and the boots. It kind of reminds me of 1970's color scheme. I like that she comes with a book too!

  2. Do her arms bend or is her arm permanently posed in a bent position?

    1. Maru has five points of articulation. Her arms are permanently posed in a slight bended position.

  3. Maru is sooo precious! I love how realistic her face looks and she seems to have minimal makeup. She looks very high quality, and her boots are adorable! :D

    - Ellie

  4. She is such a cutie! :D

    I can't wait till Raven comes out :)

  5. Maru is a beautiful little girl! I especially like her all vinyl body because I think dolls with vinyl breastplates or all vinyl bodies look good in all styles of clothing.

  6. Her eyes are beautiful! I love the special dressmaker details on her clothes--bows on vest, v-detail at shirt wrist, and pleats and tab on the skirt.

  7. beautiful doll and beautiful detailed clothing, Too bad AG does not make clothes like those!!

  8. I have Maru just in love with her every thing about her is perfect every thing. I own dolls from Shirley Temple to BJD'S but this doll if there was a fire on the property here in Texas and I could only take one doll with me she would be it . I am going to get another one soon the red head.

  9. Is she the same size as karito kids? love no Velcro it is the worst thing for doll clothes.Effner a true doll artist love her dolls from way back in the 80s have Hilary.

    1. I'm sorry I don't know I do not own any KK dolls. She is 20" slim body all vinyl. Much taller but similar in body as A Girl for All Time.