Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kit's Basset Hound, Grace - All Grown Up

I don't have any AG pets, except for Bonbon. I found this Grace look-a-like thrifty shopping.

She is a full grown Basset Hound.

I saw her in the toy bin for .99c and couldn't leave her there. She has been groomed (washing machine/dryer).

I will be using her as an older full grown Grace, not a pup.



  1. Cute! I bought a bag of Beanie Babies at a thrift store a few days ago with the tags still on, 2 cats and a dog, trying to decide if they will work as pets for my girls.

  2. Very cute..I love that the pets are so generic that you can find cheaper, but no less cuter alternatives. I really like Kit's little room that you have set up. :)

  3. Kit may need to pull,out her trundle bed! A full grown basset hound can be BIG!
    The pet is adorable and how wonderful to find him for Kit. Jen

  4. That Grace is so cute! I love it! I think it is a great alternative to AG's Grace.

  5. She is so sweet! Grace the AG basset hound is way to small anyway, in my opinion. Grace may be a puppy, but in the books she's not. But this new one is almost perfect! :)