Sunday, February 15, 2015

*Reader Photos* Grace Joins Large Collection

Susan added Grace to her large collection and set up her own La Patisserie!

"Small French bulldog made in China, found at Goodwill."

"Grace with Madame Alexander doll (Ella) and OG Doll (Maddy)  look like book cover 2."

"Both dolls were made in France in the 1980s, they were ahead of their time as they look modern from today."

"Small lights are from Dollar Tree, AG Concession stand found at Goodwill, turned into bakery shop. Backdrop is Molly's Scenes and settings. The kitchen is from Pottery Barn."

"Mini dolls and 18" dolls in a closet. Lights are from Dollar Tree."

"Hats are all handmade by me."

"Mme Alexander and Gene doll displayed inside fish tank."


  1. I love that they're in the fish tank...clean display case for sure!

  2. A friend of mine is considering giving me a MyAG doll from when she was younger. (One of the advantages of collecting AG dolls at age 15 is that many of my friends don't play with their dolls anymore, so I might end up getting some of those dolls.) If I remember correctly, since I haven't seen it in years, the doll has straight dark brown hair and blue eyes. So basically Grace without bangs. I have Journey Girls Kelsey for Maddy, and would like to buy MLA African American School Girl (older version with black frame glasses, my local Walmart is overstocked with them) for Ella. I wish AG would release more GOTY companion dolls like Sonali and Gwen.