Thursday, February 12, 2015

*In Store Report* MyAG Spring Releases AGP DC (Part Two)

MyAG and Bitty Twin.
Online links HERE.  

PWP $14 with $50+ purchase.

Very Peach.

Very Plastic.

More to follow.


  1. Does the PWP dress comes with the shoes? Its a cute dress. Love the peach dress as well. Probably going to my list.. Doll and girls dress for my daugther.

  2. I really like the garden center set. Now I understand the coloring. One of the things Nonna mentioned about the OG kitchen is that the scale is off for it to be a real kitchen. This too is too small to be the garden bench "Mom" would use and "9 year-old Daughter" would help. However, if we look at this as a Little Tikes style play set that mom stocked with some real gardening items to beef up the experience...then it's not too bad.

  3. Hit "Publish" too quickly. :)
    The lace's pretty, but the snag factor on the lace and the tulle underskirt...
    The in-store purchase with purchase dress is pretty.

  4. As an adult ballroom dancer, former jazz dancer, with two daughters who love jazz dance, I think that jazz outfit will be coming home with me on a future AGP trip. I could probably make the dress but not the gloves or shoes. And it looks to be red-- a real treat!

  5. The bench is made of wood according to the AG website. Saying it is very plastic threw me off. I had to double check the website and it says a wooden bench! Yay! So glad because I find the accessories to be extremely cute and I think AG did well thinking up this one! LOVE the beehive!

  6. Linda, I agree that the red jazz dress is gorgeous. Madelon

    1. Did that red jazz outfit land at your house, Madelon?