Thursday, February 12, 2015

*In Store Report* Spring Releases AGP DC - PART ONE (BeForever)

Madelon is LADL Honorary In Store Reporter! She is always ready on the scene armed with camera, ready to give LADL readers first look at in store items!

More following.....Stay close. Madelon took A LOT of photos! 
What are your favorites??


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    *sigh* I just bit the bullet and ordered Julie's skateboarding set. I know I'm gonna hate myself if and when it goes on sale or gets split into 2 items. Oh well. At least I'm finally getting a period accurate skateboard for my dolls.

    I also really love the shoes for Samantha's Special Day dress. I wish they were sold separately.

  2. Yay!!! Thank you Madelon! I am loving Sam's new treat table and her special occasion dress is growing on me! In fact, those are two of the things that i absolutely love and really want! I also really like her Art Set, coat and travel bag, Addy's LE set, and more. I'm really happy and pleasantly surprised at this release! I can't wait to see more in-store photos! :)


  3. Thank you for these pictures. In one picture I want Samantha to take that hair brush and use it on her dog Jip. But I just bought the Special day dress and coat and hat. Her spring collection looks so good! Yah, AG, you are on point this year...getting warmer with the new sets and pricing. Kudos to the DC floor display people. Very cute pics.

  4. Sams mint Rose dress is a winner along with Kayas red frock.

  5. Thank you to Madelon for taking and Rhonda for posting the pics. Some of the things look different in store than on their website. =) There are a few new things I like, but I still think 48.00 for a set is a bit much. My 9 year old summed it up best when she said, 50.00 for an outfit? That is close to half the cost of a doll. =)

    Lesley from NE

  6. I like a lot of it, but what is with the only one chair again?! If they are going to keep doing this, please make additional chairs available for purchase.

  7. What strikes me most on Samantha's new outfits is -- that's a lot of pink!

  8. It seems like they're trying to please Adult Collectors & Young Girls with certain items..
    Maybe just me.