Thursday, January 15, 2015

UPDATE Grace's Pastry Cart

I just wanted to update everyone, I have decided to keep the Pastry Cart because it is a part of her story. Even my husband encouraged me to hold on to it, I don't have anything like it within my collection. I encourage those of you who are not planning on buying the La Patisserie to consider the Pastry Cart as an alternative, then get creative and make more treats as a fun project.  

As a side note, the Queen's Treasures has cupcakes that are close in size to Grace's and they will fit in the cupcake box. 

(Thank you to Nonna for the cupcake shown here.)

I know a lot of you are looking for rolling pins and not everyone can either find them at Hobby Lobby or has a store near by.




  1. Glad you're keeping it. It's a nice alternative to her bakery.

    She is SO cute! Still don't have her yet. Need to buy an area rug for my living room so can't splurge on her right now, but maybe for Valentine's Day?

  2. Thanks for reminding me I have one too! I forgot! I LOVE their detail.

  3. Im glad ur keepin the cart. It just seems like a nicer alternative to the bakery and takes up less space. Plus I have never been to Hobby Lobby and would like to save money and begin doing some of the crafts on ur channel. Do u know where in Hobby Lobby to find the cupcakes and items featured? I would like to ask the sales people, but many of them are new and do not know.

    1. The cupcakes are online at the Queen's Treasures. The garden items and bistro chairs can be found in the spring aisle/garden section of the store at Hobby Lobby.

  4. I haven't seen them in a while, but donuts, cake slices, tarts, pastries. etc.( erasers) were found in Family Dollar,Dollar General and my grocery store, Krogers and Target for only $1.00 for a bag of four to six items.