Saturday, January 17, 2015

*REVIEW* A Girl For All Time - Matilda

I have admired Matilda from the photos I have seen of her and asked Cindy if she would write a review.

"I got Matilda, A Girl For All Time doll, from Zulily when they were having a sale. I had been wanting her and was very glad to see her on sale. I have to admit that when I saw her pictures a couple of years ago, I really didn't like her. But the more I saw pictures of her, the more I fell in love. She is a GORGEOUS doll! She is simply exquisite! I'm a die-hard American Girl fan, but there's just something alluring about Matilda and I am so glad to have her in my doll collection."

"Her hair is very soft and easy to style. It really feels and looks like real hair! I love her expression and her beauty. I have her entire collection, which consists of her Velvet Cloak, Masked Ballgown, Night Shift, and her books - Matilda's Secret Novel and Matilda's Keepsakes and Secrets."

"She arrives in a large and beautiful box. I love her "meet' outfit! It is AWESOME!"

"Her cloak is a necessity as well, as it is very important in her story. Actually, all of her clothes are important to her story. I do have to say that the books are not for kids. They are for older teens and adults, and even then it would have to be a mature teen. I personally don't like the books due to the fact that I couldn't let my 10 year old daughter read it. I started to read it to her so I could protect her from some of what is in it, but after several pages I realized I was only able to share a couple of paragraphs with her. I realize that in England, they are taught differently and as they grow up, none of the history and their style of writing is a big deal to them, but it's different in the USA. My daughter does know the history, but I do not think it is necessary for her to hear the gory details and also see the pics they have included in the journal. I had to take a lot of things out of the journal because I didn't think they were for a 10 year old. My daughter was totally fine with it and she still enjoys Matilda immensely!"

"I love how Matilda has articulated joints. I can pose her holding items and many other ways!! So that being said, I still read the book so I could get acquainted with Matilda. It did help me bond more with her, but I'm an adult, so reading the book was fine for me. I highly recommend Matilda and her clothes!!!"
Cindy Yun

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  1. I agree that the book is not exactly appropriate for younger girls, unless you've allowed them to watch Henry VIII on Showtime already! It just would raise some questions for them that they shouldn't have to wonder about yet. The recommended age for the doll is 8+, (I couldn't find that on the website itself, but is stated as such on reviewers' pages) but Matilda is 13 in her story, so of course her thoughts and actions are going to reflect that age, which was even more "mature" in that time period since girls in the 1600s married that young or younger. She is a stunningly beautiful doll, very detailed, and wonderfully costumed. I bought my Matilda same time as Cindy, from Zulily, and we compared notes on her and the questionable book at the time! For display and to sew for, she is highly recommended!