Friday, January 16, 2015

*In Store Report* Addy Stock - AGP DC

We have been hearing that Addy is out of stock in a few stores including LA, CO and NYC. There are plenty of Addy dolls in DC.

New hair extensions - VERY long!

Thank you Madelon for this in store report!!


  1. Very interesting. The displays are lovely. I see the Himalayan kitten price has increased by $2 - $30 is way too much.

    The apron - LOVE it! Is that a store exclusive? So cute!

    Not thrilled with the Pretty Pink Outfit - sleeveless, in winter, really? I think not. And the collar on the Sparkle Sequin Outfit is just too stiff.

  2. I am a bit concerned for Addy now...

  3. Addy and Kaya were out of stock in Atlanta on Jan. 2 :^(