Thursday, January 1, 2015

*In-Store Report* GOTY 2015 Grace - AGP Boston (LOTS OF PICTURES!!!!)

Maria is live at AGP Boston and has a great in-store report for us!!

These are made of plastic.

Free Apron giveaway!
Free  Luggage Tag

 Thank you Maria!!! What a wonderful Grace debut in Boston!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I think this is a good start for AG to bring back more items in collections. This reminds me of a historical dolls collection due to all the items. It really looks great! Cant wait to get all her sets.

  2. The apron looks wonderful! I SO wish I could be there right now. Do you think you'll do another giveaway of the Grace stuff like you did with the Isabelle stuff?

  3. I so want that set with the mixer in it, will definitely be getting that. I like several of her outfits too. I'm still undecided on Grace herself, although she is growing on me. I want to see her in person first before I decide completely. I think that makes all the difference.

  4. Thank you so much Rhonda for posting all my photos! We had a great time at the store today, but it was the craziest that I have seen it! Much more activity than there was at the Beforever launch event! Super long line in the mall waiting to get into the store! They had a huge stack of boxes with the Grace doll and were handing them out to people left and right. I think many of the girls that went today purchased the doll. We went out to eat in the mall after going to the store and many girls were in the restaurant opening their new dolls! I just bought the City Style set with the red sweater and shorts and also Bonbon her dog. I will take close up photos this afternoon of those items and will send them to Rhonda. I definitely need to go back to the store during a "quieter" time to take a good look at everything. I'm still trying to absorb all that I saw today! LOL! ~ Maria B.

  5. Great pictures. I am so very grateful for everyone who send their photos to you from AGP. It is so much different seeing the items "in person" vs. in catalog. The sifter is perfect...I may have to look at the collection again.