Thursday, January 1, 2015

*In Store Report* Debut GOTY 2015 Grace - AGP Atlanta

Shelly and her family are at the debut of GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas and have in-store coverage for us!! 

Picture area.


Thank you Shelly!!


  1. Are you going to purchase Grace? Her snack cart thing is already backordered!

  2. I really like the "Love" sweater. It looks like something Laurie Partridge would wear. My mom wishes it was sold separately.

    1. I love that swearer too! I just don't understand pairing it with shorts. But if you get the outfit, you can use the shorts shoes and headband for other outfits!

  3. Can someone get a picture of the new boxes for the Grace doll and maybe some of Grace's collection? Also, are the oven and sink in the bakery attached to the bakery?

    Thank you for posting all of this :)

  4. Like Julie Anne, my favorite outfit is the Love sweater, I love the sweater and shorts, but am not fond of the shoes. If they were red without any pink I'd be happier. :) Of course, i do have a pair of red shoes or black boots taht would go great with it. :)