Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grace's Movie Wardrobe + Cooking Classes


If you have been reading "In the Mix" you'll have noticed an outfit similar to this one on Grace. Maybe it will become part of her collection for the summer release of her movie.

It is also on the cover of BOOK THREE 

Sur La Table Cooking Classes: March 2015, girls can join American Girl and Sur La Table for Grace-themed French baking classes. The two-hour classes, offered at more than 50 Sur La Table locations nationwide, will give girls hands-on instruction on how to make French pastries. 

Who will be signing up for this Grace-themed event??


  1. YES!! I am very excited!! I also really want that outfit, so I hope it comes out with the summer releases!


  2. Rhonda- do you know when "Grace Makes it Great" will release? I'm so excited!


  3. Rhonda,
    Where did you get this outfit?

    1. The striped shirt is JG and I made the skirt. She is wearing OG flats and a basic ribbon around her waist and in her hair.

  4. Signed up my Dd for a class.

  5. Great recreation of the outfit Rhonda! Can't wait until AG release it! I just really love the color scheme that they chose for Grace! I like her outfits so much more than past GOTY collections!