Saturday, January 3, 2015

*In Store Report* GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas Debut - AGPNY

Michelle and her family visited AGP NY for GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas' debut!!

The display window is AMAZING!!!!! 

 They renamed the "tasty treats" area for Grace. You can see Grace standing on the counter on the left.

Thank you Michelle!!!


  1. "Grace's Sweet Shop" That's so creative! It also looks like Grace was well liked by an enthusiastic girl in the second to last picture. Lol

  2. The first picture is really, really cute and I like Grace and all her 'things' but looking at the prices, well, they are pretty scary. I'm sure everything is top quality but still, if you were to buy all of Grace's belongings the bill would be enormous. Do people actually do that?
    I do see people searching for alternatives and in the US you have many more 18' dolls and doll clothing and such so I guess there are possibilities. And that seems a good thing to me. ;)

  3. Great photos. Thank you for sharing. It looks like someone reposed Grace in the one shot - her beret is so low on her head. :)