Saturday, January 3, 2015

GOTY 2015 Grace Debut Catalog

The snow here has been delaying mail delivery. This is when it began falling Wednesday before New Years. It got worse.

 Yay! I got a small version of Grace's catalog today. Typically they're over sized, but mine was a regular sized book 47-pages. For those of you (especially International readers) who want to flip through the pages with me you can on this VIDEO! You can view it on AG website as well!!!

I will have MORE Grace coverage and window displays from NY and Chicago soon so pull up a chair and stick around!


  1. Lots of snow here in Colorado too but our mail service is prepared for it. I'm looking forward to seeing displays at the big stores.

  2. You guys be glad you have snow, where I live we have gotten NO SNOW at all. :( I realize snow is bad for delivery and makes for a longer school year, but I still want some snow.
    I can't believe how fast AG updated the digital catalog, though I guess they thought "might as well do it if we're updating the site with Grace stuff too."

  3. have that mag. 2 it my fav. cause of grace's stuff :D -tiff-a-turkey

  4. I got my new catalog December 31. It was AWESOME to see. I have been flipping through it and am looking forward to the fuller edition.

  5. It was interesting to me that it was the smaller size too and did you notice who's not in the all historical group photo?