Sunday, January 4, 2015

*International Collectors* Ireland

Hi! I'm Saoirse and I'm from Ireland and I LOVE reading your blog! I have nine American Girl dolls.

  1. Emily
  2. Rebecca
  3. Kanani
  4. McKenna
  5. Caroline
  6. Molly
  7. Saige
  8. Isabelle 
  9. Samantha
All of them ordered to my friends in the US then posted to me. AG does not post to Ireland so it is quite difficult to get dolls and clothes over here. It takes about a month for my orders to reach me. Your blog gives me the scoop so I can start start saving up for shipping costs! Below I have included some photos if my dolls
Slán! (Good bye)


  1. Beautiful dolls. I love how Rebecca looks. I am always on the fence whether I should get her or not. She looks so cute in the picture above that I guess I will need to consider her for this years addition to the collection. Is her hair hard to curl, or do you have the option of making thick curls? I know her hair is curly, but I would like to see other curls in her hair besides the original thin curls.

    1. Hi, I'm the doll collector above I'm just currently using a diffrent google account. Thanks so much for commenting! Regarding Rebecca I absolutely ADORE her and yes, you can do many diffrent curls on her. Depending on what method you use will deteirme how big,small,lose etc,etc. Personally if I want loose curls I will just wrap strands of her hair around the brush, let go, and then they wil

    2. Sorry, my comment seemed to cut off. What I was trying to say was that for loose curls I normally just wrap strands around the brush, then let go and they will spring into place! I recommend curlers for tighter curls. I do suggest picking your Rebecca out in person if you possibly can. Often they can have problems with thin wig caps. Obviously I couldn't do this as I stated above but it would be horrible to wait so long and have a problem doll! Hope I helped! Any other question I would be happy to answer! Xxxx Saoirse

    3. Thank you. That was extremely helpful for me. I will try my best to find a good one. :)

    Hi Saoirse! I'm an Irish dancer so I love to read about people in Ireland, especially when they have dolls! Your dolls are really pretty!


    1. Awww thanks so much Kathleen! It's so incredibly sweet for you to comment! I LOVE Irish dancing! Great to know I've got a friend over here! If your comfortable telling me may I ask what county do you live in? Xxxxxx Saoirse

    2. Hi Saoirse!
      Thanks! You do?!?!?!? Do you do it? Actually, I live in the US, sorry.