Sunday, January 18, 2015

*International Collectors* Canada

My daughter Hillary, has Caroline Abbott, Emily Bennett, Kit Kittredge, and Ruthie Smithens. Caroline is very fun for us as we reside in Kingston, Ontario. Kingston is in the Caroline stories as that is where her Papa was held prisoner! As a matter of fact the tower that he was held in is still standing and is now on the Royal Military College grounds which is about 5 minutes from our house! In Caroline's travel basket there is a map and Kingston is on the map!

We did not take pictures of Kit's bed nor of all her doll clothes, but it gives a big sample of her collection. The baking table with Emily is the American Girl modern day baking table from a few years ago, but the pale green colour looked "old fashioned" to us so it works with her girls!

Caroline in her travel outfit.

With her party set and birthday gown (borrowing Kit's table).

Caroline with her work outfit and Garnett. She did not take a picture of her in the holiday gown (she has the purple one, she did not like the new blue one).

Kit and Ruthie with the produce and preserves set.

On the scooter with Grace.

Having a special tea party with the party set.

Emily in her holiday gown. Hillary also has Emily's pjs, robe and slippers, Molly's skating outfit and the pale blue Molly polka dot outfit.
As another note Hillary has been excited to read your reviews of Grace. She just bought the Grace pjs for girls with Xmas money and they arrived today. They are adorable!!


  1. I love how you displayed Kit's party or bday set with Ruthie. Love the set, but its nice to see it set up in a real indoor, at home setting for people thinking about getting it. Thanks for sharing.