Monday, January 5, 2015

Grace's French Breakfast (DIY)

On AG Instagram there's an adorable photo of what appears to be Grace reading the morning paper while having a French breakfast.

It's unclear whether these items will appear for sale within her collection, but they can be easily re-created.

Tan felt or tan craft foam sheet rolled on the diagonal make fun croissants. If you don't have faux fruit, you can make berries out of sculpey clay or polymer clay. 

The Dollar Tree has small clear plastic bead jars you can use for marmalade or jelly. A small clear plastic bottle (empty med or vitamin) works great as a cup.
One meal - many looks!
 I'm setting the same meal, using three different table tops. 

Wooden. I'm sure you will recognize some of the pieces here: Kit's plate, glass, and utensils. I bought the faux berries and egg; I made the cinnamon buns.

This is a cake pedestal and I love the fancy scroll work.

The carafe is from Hobby Lobby.


A few years ago while my mom was vacationing in Paris, she brought back these coasters from the Ritz.

 I'm using them as napkins.

It's aqua this time in keeping with the color scheme of Grace's collection.

The glass fits nicely on the carafe while sipping coffee.
*HINT* Incorporate black and white gingham with a solid red color scheme as used in the film. 

 You'll need a newspaper and I have created one here for you to print.


  1. Something AG got totally wrong? You will not find mini Eiffel towers all over Paris. They are not used to decorate cafes. They are on street side cheap souvenir carts only. Parisians find branding to be very vulgar (ladies remove any tags from clothing) and do not appreciate icons the way Americans do.

    That said, when's breakfast, Rhonda because is looks great!

  2. I like your version better Rhonda! Those coasters are absolutely perfect. I do have to say that one of my favorite things about AG fans is that there are so many creative people out there who can take a small idea and run with it. Something tells me that this theme is going to produce a ton of cool things over the year.

  3. I enjoyed the post and photos. I have no creative juices in my body today so am absorbing others creativity.

  4. Epic set, I just wish it had a tray like the old breakfast in bed set from about 2010.

  5. I love ur creativity Rhonda. Do you believe AG might come out with a set like the one posted?

    1. Probably not....they'll expect you to use mix and match pieces from her collection. (Bakery)

  6. Your version is so beautiful, Rhonda - I especially love the one on the cake pedestal! It looks so elegant!

    1. Thanks Ellie. I have seen tall pedestals like this at Hobby Lobby if you're interested in one.

  7. Your set looks even better than the original plus AG has done an awful mistake on the newspaper! Boulangerie is a feminine word so the adjective should be nouvelle and not nouveau!

    1. Thank you Daniela. Uh oh! LOL I don't speak french. All I know is Bonjour! It's a good thing they aren't selling the newspaper then.

  8. Looks really good. I may try to find a few of these things to add to my collection. I love how you used the coasters as napkins for your recreation of the picture.

    I agree with Nonna. The only place I saw mini Eiffel Towers in Paris were at the souvenir vendor stands right by the actual tower. However, when she opens her cart here in the US Grace can have all the mini towers she wants as decor. :-)

    I don't remember having juice at breakfast either. Beverages included coffee and hot chocolate. Maybe tea. With bread and jam. My friends and I vowed never to have croissant again, but now I miss it. US version isn't nearly as good as the croissant in France, but in a pinch... *sighs*

    Yes, the R&D department shoudl really rehire fact checkers.