Tuesday, January 13, 2015

*In Store Report* GOTY 2015 Grace - AGP Chicago (Part Two)

Upstairs, an announcement board with upcoming store events. 

Soon, we found ourselves clear across the AG store near the hair salon, doll hospital, souvenir shops, cafe, and restaurant. 

The cafe has been made over to commemorate Grace's arrival. The name of the cafe currently reads "Grace's Sweet Shop." 

The current menu of items available at the cafe. 

Near the cafe, you can bring your treats and sit next to this colorful poster of the Eiffel tower. 

Some of the other snacks available for purchase.

The Souvenir Shop had some new items available.

A closeup on the new French themed dining set.

Most of the store exclusives (except for the new pants) are visible here.

A beautiful display of Grace, the new GOTY.

Grace's travel set and coat, reminding us it was time to head back home.

Thank you Claudia!!


  1. Gorgeous photos...what a nice store!

  2. Does all the stores have this sweet shop now!???

  3. wow...I never realized the bigger stores were so....big!

  4. Love these pictures. Thank you for sharing your trip!

    I did notice they have 2 chairs at their bistro tables... ;-)