Tuesday, January 13, 2015

*In Store Report* GOTY 2015 Grace - AGP Chicago (Part One)

Claudia took amazing photos of Grace's collection at AGPC. Thank you so much Claudia for these in-store photos and Grace coverage.

 American Girl Place Chicago stands out at the Water Tower Place in downtown Chicago. 

Here are a few pictures of the first store window. We couldn't avoid the reflections, so it may be a bit hard to see.

A closeup on the lower corner of the window. 

Here are some pictures of the second storefront window. We love the giant cooking utensils!

Grace and her cart are visible right as we walked through the front doors.

Grace's collection seemed to be selling well. There were a few store clerks restocking the collection as we stood trying to take a picture. As far as I know, only the French bakery has sold out at the store. 

The French Bakery is clearly the focal point of Grace's displays.

Closeup on the Menu attached to the right door.

A picture of the mini fridge included in the bakery. The eggs are attached to the egg carton.

The back of the fridge is actually quite detailed!


  1. The apartment building in the first picture is adorable. Looks like something an experienced crafter like you could tackle, Rhonda!

  2. I was thinking the same thing about the apartment building...so cool!

  3. I want that building in the first picture! Why tease us with such a window display?! I don't have a doll "house" but rather a doll space, but I'm thinking I could take out a loan to buy that apartment or Parisian flat if AG would build it. Yeah, that's it, a mortgage for a doll house.

  4. Love the window displays! AG Dreamhouse Paris. :)