Saturday, December 27, 2014

*Opening* Six OG Fashion Sets (My Holiday)

I got SIX OG outfits from my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My modern dolls NEED clothes! Multiple pieces!
New modern doll wardrobe in the New Year!

She's All Heart

I love the shirt it goes well with jeans and denim skirts. The heart patterned skirt looks cute paired with the cardigan from the Spanish Rose outfit.

To A T

The vest can go with anything and this little t-shirt is one of my favorite items. 

Spanish Rose
A Night of Fancy

This dress can be fancy or casual depending on the accessories. I love animal print and this leopard jacket will get a lot of use.

Turn on the Brights

We didn't get any snow here yet, but this parka will be great for snowy days.

The Party Starter

This white blouse is a staple and will get worn with everything. I love how OG includes either socks or tights. Love this faux crocodile clutch purse!


  1. Beautiful. I haven't seen some of the outfits. I can't wait to see your modern dolls wearing these adorable outfits!