Friday, December 19, 2014

*Opening* Kit's Beforever Meet Outfit (Replacement)

Another success story !

Kit's Beforever meet outfit arrive in mint condition, I'm so relieved to have this debacle behind me.

The details of this dress are cute, I didn't even bother looking at the first one because I was disappointed at the rip in the back. It went back into the box and sat by the front door waiting for a replacement.

The pattern is sweet and feminine.

I gotta tell you, the shoes are my favorite part of this outfit! The stitching detail adds more cuteness. As stated in the video, it's unclear whether Kit or Ruthie will wear this....I like the dress overall, but will have to adjust to it (with time) when it comes to my Kit.


  1. Rhonda im so happy for you! its truly beautiful :)

    i wonder what Isabelle looks in it xD


  2. Yes! Another success! So glad for you Rhonda!

  3. I think they (Ruthie&Kit) should share the dress or Paige should wear it. Or you could do what my doll family does where everyone shares most clothing.
    I sure am glad they replaced everything, at least you got great customer service.