Tuesday, December 9, 2014

*Opening* Josefina's New Mexican Table Set (CM Purchase)

I was so happy that my CM package arrived with NO PROBLEMS!!!
Josie's New Mexican Table and Chairs are gorgeous! No scratches or dings.

Very sturdy wood, I'm in love with the intricate etching design and the beautiful color too.

A hidden storage compartment for valuables. This is as far as the top will slide out. I had originally thought of storing her skirts inside, but I think it would be difficult to reach in to pull them out.


  1. How beautiful! I love the way you set it up in your doll room.

  2. That is really pretty, but I would be disappointed too with all the more the table slides open. I wonder why they did it that way? I can see all sorts of frustrated little girls trying to get stuff out that they put in it!

  3. Rhonda, do you know what the AG price hikes will be like come January 1st? I need to know because of saving for the first-- exciting, but also nerve wracking to think of how high those prices could go up.

    1. I'm still wondering that myself. The price went up with BF so it's unclear if they will go up to $120 January 1 or with the next historical.

  4. Beautiful set! Im soo glad you have it, I knew how much you wanted it!

  5. Linda aka lab-den 18-inch doll fun on YouTubeDecember 10, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    This table reminds me of the bed in the 1940's house at Littleton Museum where Willow and I went. The conversion to 1940's house was temporary so the bed was more historical. It had very similar details as Josephina's table and chairs. (But I took a terrible picture!)