Monday, December 22, 2014

*In Store Report* Isabelle Items in Stock - AGP DC

Madelon visited the DC store to check on Isabelle stock.

Isabelle's down stairs corner is now bathing suits.

Current Isabelle stock.

 Plenty of funky leggings.

No longer a pose station upstairs.

 Plenty of Isabelle dolls and her pink sparkle dress in stock.

The blue sparkle holiday dress is sold out in store.

Thank you Madelon for this update. Those of you in need of Isabelle items can call AGP DC.


  1. Wow! I wish I lived near a AG store where they still have things in stock. I will soon be welcoming Isabelle into my doll family! She will be my 6th doll! And my second blonde doll.

  2. Was at the AG New York location today. I did not see anymore Isabelle dolls except the one on display. Most of the clothes were still available, but running low. I did not see the performance outfit or the pink performance outfit.

  3. Wow, American Girl also did very well with the Blue sparkle dress. It was the prettiest of the 2 holiday dresses for 2014. I looked at the silver one. It held no appeal to me whatsoever and I thought it just plain ugly. This is one dress sure to make the sales page, and even on sale, I will not purchase it.
    I think American girl, should make a long sleeved 3/4 sleeve dress option for the holidays. Never understood why make sleeveless dresses, when most of the country is in the throes of winter. Why would anyone wear short or sleeveless dresses?