Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dolliday Crafts - Holiday Tables

Today's holiday craft idea is from Eileen at Planet AG 4U.

I love the holiday season and I have a special love for table settings for the dolls so I am sharing my DIY holiday tablescape.  This is a super simple craft and just sets the warmth when we sit down with our families, in this case, doll family.

For the table runner you will need the following supplies:

  • Felt square
  • Embellishments; foam, gems
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or a miniature type garland
  • scissors

Cut your felt in half and start laying out your embellishments until you get the placement that you most like.  I started with a foam wreath in the middle and added 2 candy canes and 2 candies on each side.  Glue to felt or peel off paper backing (if they are stick-ons) and place on felt.  For the trim on the edges, place your ribbon or garland and cut the same length of the edge.  Glue in place.  

 Here are some other ideas using felt and embellishments.  The sky is the limit!

A centerpiece is a great focal point for your holiday table. 


For this floral candy cane centerpiece you will need:

  • A glass or plastic container 
  • Fuzzy sticks (with the color of your choice) 
  • A floral pick and styrofoam 
  • Glue (I used hot glue) 
  • A filler for your container (I used a plastic bead necklace from Wal-Mart and cut the beads) 
  • A piece of ribbon tied in a bow. 
  • Optional:  2 empty spools of thread, washi tape; embellishments; birthday candles

Place your floral pick in a piece of Styrofoam and glue to bottom of your container.  Add your filler.  Measure and bend your fuzzy sticks in the shape of a candy cane.  Cut all pieces the same length and place them in your container along the outer rim.  You can secure with a dab of glue so that they stand straight up.  Tie your ribbon around the rim.  

Optional:  I took 2 spools of thread and wrapped them with washi tape.  You could also glue on a piece of ribbon.  Added a circle of glitter foam and a silver glitter star, hole punched, then added the birthday candles. 

Now step back and admire your new Christmas centerpiece work of art.

Happy Holidays from our AG House to yours!! 


  1. So many great ideas! I have to thank you especially for the idea with the spools, I have a couple of these floating around that I saved, but didn't have any definite use for, now I do. :)

  2. How festive and fun! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas with us!

  3. Linda aka lab-den 18-inch doll fun on YouTubeDecember 10, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    I'll be sure to come back to Rhonda's site next year to take on these decorations. Not this year, though.