Tuesday, November 18, 2014

*REVIEW* Victorian Dress -Victorian Trading Co

I saw these beautiful doll dresses in Victorian Trading Co catalog and had to get one for my Samantha.

First of all these are listed for 19.5" reproduction porcelain dolls.
This is the one I chose for Samantha.

It's a dusty sage color with puff sleeves and antique lace detailing.

There are many styles where the bow is turned to the front.... 
Or the bow can be worn in back. 

 *Opening Video*


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I would love to see this video, but it's marked as "private".

    1. Should be fine now....sorry about that.

  2. The bed you made looks great in the picture!

  3. There are wonderful dressmaking details in this outfit that you don't see everyday simply because that detail rarely exists in today's clothing. It's beautiful on Samantha!

  4. Looks lovely on Samantha. It's good to know that the 19.5" porcelain doll outfit fits an 18"AG doll. the detailing is lovely.