Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ice Cream Parlor - Victorian (Part Two)

While antique shopping I came across this amazing old register much like that of Samantha's Tyson Ice Cream Parlor.

For those of you seeking inspiration to create your own Victorian Ice Cream Parlor here are some amazing photos of Zaharkos. You may have seen this referenced before when Ticia sent a photo in.

The soda fountain icons featured in National Geographic, Time, and other publications now take center stage, beautifully framed by the restored tin ceiling and skylights and the refinished maple floor from the 1890s. The double backbar from 1911 is a spectacular 50 feet of mahogany cabinets with stained glass, marble pillars, mirrors and brass. The bar’s arched mirrors frame two Mexican onyx soda fountains from the 1904 World’s Fair. The front bar has a 40-foot counter of smooth marble and onyx that supports a delicate centerpiece: the Tiffany-style lamp of stained glass and marble from 1905. 


  1. I doubt if I'm every in Columbus, Indiana to go this place, but oh la la - that wonderful mahogany and incredible details!

  2. This is awesome and got some ideas!

  3. My Summaya will love this! Samantha's parlor is too 'pinkish' and doesn't really suit the Victorian times. I can't wait make mine :)