Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Josefina Getting MAJOR Makeover by Selena

Just a quick post to let my readers and Josefina fans know my Josefina has been sent to Selena for a MAJOR makeover.

Poor Josie, I took her hair out of the braid and was set to restyle her when her hair began FALLING OUT! When I brushed it, it kept falling out in strands everywhere. The wig cap was intact, but her hair was shedding from the scalp!

 I have always wanted a custom doll by Selena, so rather than send Josie in for a new $44 head, I decided to send her to Selena for a drastic makeover. When she returns she will no longer be Josefina. She will have a new wig, face paint, nails and look gorgeous I'm sure!

Meanwhile I decided to buy a BEFOREVER Josefina! 

I kept her classic meet outfit of course so now I will have it and the new BF meet + accessories. I'm thrilled. We are all waiting (hoping) for new items in the spring (February) to be added to her BF collection.


  1. What do you think caused her hair to fall out?

    1. with the josefina wig there isnt an exact part so there is a plastic piece there
      it is dark brown/mahogany to match her hair color
      so the hair over time loosens from the " scalp " and falls out

      i know this cause my josefina has the same problem

    2. Oh my goodness! Yep this is EXACTLY what happened!

  2. She will be beautiful I'm sure: ) I can't wait to see her all made over!!

  3. I can't wait to see new Josefina! I also nominated you for an award on my blog.