Saturday, November 1, 2014

Meet Molly - Her Collection

I didn't realize the featured posts on historical characters would be so well liked. I have a request to spotlight Molly, much like I did for Kirsten and Samantha. Molly is one of my favorites!

 Molly Doll, Book & Accessories

 Molly's inspiring stories come alive in this special collection. The Molly doll is 18" tall, with soft gray eyes that open and close behind silver glasses. She has long, golden-brown hair that can be brushed and braided, and she arrives in an authentic 1940s outfit. Molly is soft and huggable, and she's poseable for hundreds of playtime moments to come Plus, she comes with her accessories, including a navy blue beret and a heart locket.

 When I got PC Molly from ebay it was from her original owner. Her hair was VERY dry!


This 6-inch doll brings Molly’s world to life on a smaller scale. She arrives dressed in an outfit reminiscent of the World War Two era. Plus, she comes with Meet Molly, a miniature version of the book that tells Molly’s story of growing up on the home front in 1944.


  1. Yay! I love seeing the old catalog photos, they have such nice poses for the dolls!

  2. Thank you for a Molly spotlight! She's our favorite.

  3. I was just looking back at your old posts, and stumbled across these spotlights. I love them, and would love seeing spotlights for the other characters too. i.e. Felicity, Addy, Josephina. Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond!
    H.M. from England

    1. Sure! I would love to feature the other three girls! Each one deserves her turn.

  4. Are those Molly's actual glasses? Because they are in a different color, or is that just because they're old and rusting?