Friday, October 24, 2014

*Reader Photos* My Life As...Unicorn

I was so excited when Nonna from Mommy's Doll Club submitted photos of her My Life As...UNICORN! I had no idea they had these available last year.

"Here is the original Black Friday 2013 ad from Walmart.  The My Life As unicorn from Paradise Horses was released the week of Black Friday so I was able to get it before the madness.  They did still have them at my local Wally World after Black Friday.  The employees confirmed for me that it did not have a lower sale price on Black Friday than the original ad price of $27.97." 

"The unicorn in full kit in the box.  We decided to call this one Lily. (I bought three, couldn't help myself. I didn't want them to be alone)."

"Lily's feet move really nicely."

"A close up of the decorative anklets before I cut them off.  They must have been put on as the unicorn was being put together."

"The original tag which I promptly cut off too.  I removed the bridle (which had nice tiny little plastic belt structures for removal) and saddle "blanket" which was attached with a small piece of velcro at the belly.  Everyone knows unicorns are wild and shouldn't be subject to such things."

"Joy and Bobo play with Lily.  I folded Lily's mane so you can see her pretty face.  The back of the box shows what it looks like just down.  It was sandwiched between two irritating pieces clear plastic that I had to creatively cut away. The tail came still wrapped in a clear bag. Both have thin iridescent strands mixed in with the white.  The ears are wired like other Paradise Horses."

"Joy is a little nervous as she says hello."

"Joy calls this one Sir Bobo.  (Being my only articulated 18 inch doll, Bobo was happy to be our sitting model)."

*Note:  Everyone is standing on top of a tablecloth on my dog's crate which means this unicorn really can stand up (but that's why the back hooves look wonky instead of flat).  Apologies for the interesting lighting...

 Joy is a MAG JLY#65/F1273 with a hair cut.
Bobo is an original Sonja Hartman Kidz n Cats collection boy doll.


  1. Super cute!

    My favorite line: "Everyone knows unicorns are wild and shouldn't be subject to such things."

    I agree!

  2. I just found a used one I got for my 6 year old daughter.
    When I was playing with the feet I thought I saw twinkling lights come from one back ankle.
    I don't have a box so I don't know anything about it.
    Can you help?

    1. Rachel - I still have the box but the ankles never lit up (& no place for batteries). It's possible you saw a reflection or the result of a flash. It's also possible that at some point, Paradise Horses made a unicorn with light up hooves (which would be really cool). If you email Rhonda some pics, I'll verify it's a MLA uni if you want. If you want more info, let me know.