Tuesday, September 2, 2014

*REVIEW* My Life As....Snack Stand

Linda bought the $28 My Life As...Snack Stand! This is another great alternative to use as an ice cream parlor or lemonade stand.


Cash register is plastic with a sticker for the buttons. Cash drawer and bottom display case drawer open. The money is thin cardboard and fits inside cash drawer.

Thank you Linda!

This is a cute play set. If you have this snack stand or intend to buy, you could hang a Tyson's sign on the striped awning and serve frozen treats. Samantha and Nellie would love it.


  1. Great pics! I got this set too and I love it.

  2. Also a super alternative to the AG Snack stand!

  3. Would it be on the Walmart website? I looked, but couldn't find anything :(

  4. I couldn't find it on the Walmart Web site either and it wasn't in the store I usually shop at, but in another Walmart, they had three of them.

  5. Great pictures of a great set. My Walmart doesn't have it yet. In fact, I was very disappointed in my Walmart's current My Life As display. :(