Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kirsten's Winter Story + St. Lucia

Mama knitted this sweater, hat, and mittens in traditional Scandinavian patterns out of natural wool sheared from black and white sheep. Kirsten will need them when she walks the trap line with Lars! 

Kirsten’s Winter Skirt & Blouse 

Inspired by a Swedish festival costume, this outfit includes:
  • A white blouse with full peasant sleeves and a button at the keyhole opening of the neckline
  • A heavyweight black skirt with a beautiful braid woven in a floral pattern at the waist and bands of red and green at the hem
  • Two black hair ribbons to trim Kirsten’s braids 

I don't have the knit woolens, I actually made the hat myself. All I have is her Hudson coat from her skating outfit.

Kirsten’s Skating Outfit
Minnesota winters were long and hard, but Kirsten still found ways to have fun. She especially loved to skate on the stream near the Larson's cabin. Mama made Kirsten a warm coat from a heavy wool Hudson’s Bay blanket. Cream colored with red stripes, the coat had a cozy hood with a red tassel in back and buttons that were carved out of horn.
Wrap Kirsten’s red scarf around her neck, and help her strap on her ice skates—they have little cut-out hearts in their blades.


Kirsten’s Saint Lucia Gown

When it's time to honor St. Lucia, Kirsten dons this outfit featuring a beautiful white gown with a red sash, matching red hair ribbons, and red-and-white-striped stockings.

This is a reproduction dress/socks. I made the wreath. I have a mini version too.

My review of Kirsten's doll Sari.


  1. Kirsten's knit woolens and winter skirt are some of my all-time favorite AG clothing. Just beautiful.

  2. Sadly, I do not have a lot of items from Kirsten's collection. The really cool items (winter items) sold out quickly after the announcement of her retirement and the Hudson coat and skating outfit were retired long before I even got her.

    Her St. Lucia gown I was lucky enough to have commissioned for me and it is GREAT! My request for her knit woolens was not as perfectly accomplished. I have a lovely pullover sweater instead.